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Since 2022 I offer sessions in somatic bodywork. If you want to reconnect to your body, intuition, to your unique purpose and joy: this is for you. I am happy to support your unique journey through the combination of verbal communication and physical touch.

I learned the Pantarei Approach. I am amazed by this approach and its emphasis on everyone’s beauty and recourses. I am currently practicing how to combine this approach with my knowledge as an artist working with bodies, biographies and the pleasure to express feelings for many years.

I am happy to welcome you to learn with me: about this combination and about you: Let us explore all that you are and all transformations that are about to come.

Write me a mail to book a session.
I am looking forward to accompany you.

Further education

Training in the Pantarei Approach, Berlin
Shiatsu Basics at Shiatsu-Zentrum Berlin
2020 - today
Student of Qi Gong at Shaolin Arts Bern
2018 - today
research with psychologist Hannah Lesser on power, groups and pleasure
2018 - 2020
experiences with RT and Co-Counselling Berlin
2018 and 2021
experience of Held:innenreise by Paul Rebillot and shadow work
2017 - today
several dance and somatic classes at Tanzfabrik and motion*s Berlin
Massage Basics at InTouch Hamburg
2015 - 2017
several dance and somatic classes at K3 Hamburg
Anna Kirstine Linke 2023
Author, Director, Performer, Bodyworker
Contact: annakirstinelinke (at) posteo (dot) de
Looking forward to your mail.